January 22, 2007 – First Official Day as a Slacker

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Last Friday was my last day of work, making today my first real day off. How long I stay a slacker is completely up in the air at this point. The idea of going my own way for a while, reading, working on a variety of personal projects in my own time for a while is extremely appealing. There are few potential jobs waiting, but the question is do I look into taking them now, or enjoy some time off? The question on my mind is always “Will they still be there when I want to get a job?”. The two possibilities out there are both interesting — working at a web development company with a group of recent grads from Fullsail who are consulting for major companies like Bank of America, BMW and tons of local businesses; or working at Westgate Resorts with a group of people I know to be great, since 3 of them I looked up to at FCE before they moved over there. I’m probably reading too much into at this point as I haven’t even interviewed at either, but I wouldn’t want to go into one not knowing what I wanted. I have no doubt that there will always be jobs available. These are positions that I’d have previously loved to take though, and I do worry about missing out on the opportunities before they’re filled.

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