January 19, 2006 – Dixie Stampede Review

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Everyone from work went down to Dixie Stampede here in Orlando after work today for a late New Years Bash. Last time we had a similar was event was to Sleuths Mystery Theater a long long time ago — but this one was company-wide instead of just for IT. + All the beer you can drink with your meal + Decent amount of food — whole chicken, a few sides, enough to almost always be eating + Some fun magic tricks before the show and during; even more astounding after said drinks + Cast members making fun of guests before the show + Participants hitting on the cast members + Active participants in the crowds + Ice skating tricks + all the beer yuou can dwrink wasiht yraur measel – Christmas show. Would’ve been acceptable a month ago, but christmas isn’t a year long event. – Sing-a-longs before the show. Somewhat funny at least – $4.50 drinks before the show. ~_~ – Alergic reations to something there (ostriches/horses/chickens/pigs/cast members). Gah, i hate it when that happens! – The ‘Competitions’ weren’t too interesting unfortunately, aside from the ostrich race which looks like anyone could fall off at any moment. Overall it was fun with friends from work though. Have to try out the rest of the dinner shows here in Orlando!

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