January 1, 2006 – New Years Resolutions

Trying something new this year. Instead of year long resolutions, I’ll be making a post on the first of each month with goals for the following month and a recap of what from the previous month was done. All these monthly goals will be working towards a few yearly goals.

Weight/Fitness Goals I’d like to get down to a lower body fat level. Maybe around 8%. Goal for now will be to lose 1% bf a month (so this goal will ideally take 5+ months). Instead of just gauging my bf on the first of the month, it will be comparing the monthly avg for jan-feb with feb-mar. This should be a good way to track improvement. Second goal is to be able to run a marathon by the end of 2006. Rather than working up the length I run, i’d like to work up the length of time I run for starters. I can run about half an hour (or more) now, so i’ll aim to tack on a half an hour a month. That should put me clear into marathon endurance by Nov 1st, then work on speed after that. For now i’ll plan on doing extended cardio sessions a few times a week. Some will be in the morning on an empty stomach, some longer runs after work when I’m well nourished. Try for one of each on Tuesday/Thursday plus other shorter runs/sprints on Monday/Friday nights and any other when I have time. Saturday and/or Sunday will be longer runs outside (non-treadmill, non-golf course) runs. This will be the long run of the week; and move to Blanchard once i work up the endurance. Get, and stay, on a good Gym/workout schedule. Plan on Monday, Wednesday, Friday in the morning, and if i miss it then after work. Workouts will be relatively short — 5 exercises, 3 sets each, 6 reps, max-ot. Monday/Friday will be Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Abs. Wednesday will be Quads, Gluteus, Hamstrings, Calves, Lower Back. Hard part will be staying on this schedule week in week out.

Financial goals Definitely spend less. It’s not so much save more as it just spend less I think. I’ll need to segregate my money from my moms once the house is sold and things settle down, then start my own savings while setting all of hers aside for investments/real estate/whatever. For now this really just means no big purchases, bring lunch to work instead of eating out, don’t buy books (read the ones I already have), don’t buy DVDs or clothes. Also, use Quicken to keep track of expenses!

Web goals These are probably the hardest to actually do. Again I’ll try to organize things by month, with clearly defined short goals. The ones I made last year were just entirely too huge. For now I’ll concentrate on getting one site setup a month, even if it’s a smaller site that won’t take a month to do. If it takes less then don’t start on a new one; take some time off and read instead. I’d like to spend some time each day either reading or working on personal projects. As long as one of those is done during a day i always feel so productive. I’m not going to make any financial web goals at this point; just get sites up that attract people and learn a lot by making them.

Spend more time with friends This isn’t really a goal, but more an observation. I’ve become somewhat shut-in lately. When people invite me out more often than not it seems like I say no. I’m not going to start going out drinking or anything as that goes against the fitness goals, but for other things I’d like to be more social.

Time management This one feeds into all the others. I’d like to spend a lot less time in front of my computer. The only time i should be in front of here is when I’m updating LJ, talking to people or working on websites — with a small amount of time for other things. I waste entirely too much time just sitting around in front my computer watching TV. Still need to allow some wind down time of course.

First and foremost Before I start taking most of these goals seriously there’s a few things I need to get out of the way and out of my mind. Estate sale at St. Pete house. Fix electric. Go over with inspector. Any other house repairs. Clean out house and move what I want to Orlando. Meet with Rob so he can get what he wants. Put house on the market. Sell house. See where I stand with Crystal, for good or bad. Make some appointments including doctor, dermatologist, dentist, optomotrist and mini cooper checkup.

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