Google Quietly Adds support for Multiple Email Addresses

For those of you pained with having multiple Google Accounts, you might be able to associate some of them now! From any Google account you can now add any non-Gmail email address you want to your account. By default your account might have a gmail account associated with it already- – but now you can add emails from your own domains, or even your work email. You were previously able to do this — but only with a single external email account — and only if you signed up for a Google Account before you signed up for a gmail account. It’s important to differentiate this with Gmail accounts. This isn’t a solution for actually receiving your emails (for that check out Google Apps ). This allows you to log into your global Google Account with this newly added email address. Think of it more as an alias for your account than anything else. If you go to manage your account and edit your personal information you should see the form for this. You’ll be sent an email you must click on to activate the association. So why would you want this? If someone sends a Google Calendar invite to [email protected] and it’s associated with your email it’ll show up in your Google accounts calendar. I’ve received a number of these at times and its always annoying trying to keep up multiple accounts. Also, if someone adds you to Google Groups with a non-Google email, that address can now be used. Anyone have any other uses for this? There are still a few places where Google is stepping on it’s own toes, but this is a great step. If you add you account as mentioned and use Google Apps with Calendar enabled and someone sends an invite to [email protected] , where will it go? Well actually your Google Account won’t see it at all- – only your Google Apps account will see it. For the time-being it looks like these will need to be two separate, but Google seems to acknowledge the problem. Perhaps we’ll see more integration between the two this year?

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