Fun weekend that’s for sure. First time at a convention related to my field, which I enjoy, so it was a learning experience. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the lectures. Most of them were vague — to the point where it was a summary of the topics homepage. I’d say about half the lectures were like that. Some of the presentation were great though — one on the Power onTap framework especially. There was another one about managing your career as a developer that was all about not working too hard, having a good balance in your life and such. Seems like it will be worth reading the recommended books from the course, as one he mentioned repeatedly was Rich Dad, Poor Dad which already changed my outlook on money and work. I’d say on the whole it was a good, and a reminder of how much I like web programming. Went out Dave and Busters one night up there, great place\! I didn’t realize how big D\&Bs are. I did surprisingly well on Pump it Up while drunk, although I wasn’t feeling too well by the end of it… Ate at an All you can eat Blue Crab place on Friday — amazing crab. Sadly they took too long bringing them out so I was only able to eat 12. Made me want to go to Boston Lobster Feast sometime though. Anyone up for it? On saturday we had the day to outselves so we took a tour of washington DC. Luckily we were able to find a museum with lockers to put our luggage in, and after that were we free to go where ever on foot. We stayed downtown mostly, saw the Capital, The mall, Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WW2 Memorial, Air and Space museum, and the outsides of most the other museums. We only had 4 hours or so to walk around, so most we didn’t spend too long at any given site. I took a load of pictures, but i’ll wait to combine mine with everyone elses before posting them.

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