Frameworks Convention Update

Hotel is booked, tickets are bought — I’m on my way to the Frameworks Conference at the beginning of February! Although I went to CFUnited instead last year, going to frameworks the year before was very informative. I believe this year it will be even more exciting considering how much Coldfusion has grown since then (and my knowledge of it for that matter). There are numerous topics that look extremely interesting, with a few standing out as things I’ve been reading up on a lot lately including Peter Bell: Beyond Scaffolding , Brian Kotek: Designing Framework-Agnostic Models with CFCs and Joe Rinehart: Make AJAX Easy with Model-Glue . I heard about a new session from Teratechs newsletter today (why don’t they have an rss feed?) that’s up there with those- – Chris Scott: Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programing with ColdSpring . Chris Scott and David Ross have done some amazing work in Coldspring, and Chris Scotts articles on Coldspring AOP ( part 1 , part 2 ) help shed some light on the subject. These aren’t the easiest concepts to grasp, but Coldspring makes the concrete implementation of them look easy. Can’t wait to hear more about it from the source. If you’re still unsure about going to Frameworks this year, you still have a chance at heading there for free! The Coldfusion Weekly , the ranking Coldfusion podcast, has gained a free pass to give away. If you’re interested check it out! Also, on the off chance you’re headed to Frameworks and want to share a room, let me know! I have a room at the hotel for Wednesday night and Thursday night (the nights that are cheaper due to the convention rate) and would be up for splitting the cost with another person going. This still means we’d have to be out by noon on the 2nd day of the con, so I’ll probably be lugging my stuff around for the last half of the day before heading to the airport that night. Send me an email (or comment) if you’d be interested.

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