February 8, 2007 – Back Safe But Still Lazy

The Frameworks Conference was absolutely amazing. It was a conference about web development frameworks, with focus on coldfusion ones (obviously). There were some talks about relating tasks like managing teams with frameworks, service oriented models and interface driven design. The hotel had free wireless too, so I was blogging about the talks as they were talking. 🙂 Great talks though, and I really learned a lot talking with everyone in the halls. It’s really designed to bring people together and get them talking – even the lunches are setup so you’ll have a table of people to talk with. One thing I wasn’t expecting was listed only as a “networking event” on the schedule. What it actually was though was a party with an open bar (see: all you can drink for free), dessert/cheese bar with a pool table, foosball and an Xmen arcade machine on free play. :p Add in 50 nerdy guys who like talking about programming stuff and you have a fun night. Usually I’d be feeling alone going to something like that by myself, but everyone was open and fun making the night a blast. Great meeting a load of guys whose blogs and code I’ve used for years; and seeing them drunk. Aside from that things are going great back here in Orlando. Marilyn and I have some valentines day plans, as well as 1 year anniversary coming up later on this month. 🙂 We’re heading to Megacon of course, so if you’re going to be there and want to meet up give me a call. I’m starting my new job either next week or the week after, not completely sure yet. Getting Coldfusion certified this friday (assuming I pass the certification test). I haven’t studied for a test in almost 2 years, it’s a weird feeling. 🙂 Got my computer setup with a new motherboard, 3 monitors now, sli configuration, dual core processor and Vista Ultimate. Loving Vista so far, I might even end up buying it to skip the entire activation aggravation that happened with my XP installs. Doing some frameworks development on a cf framework that takes a lot of ideas from rails and other frameworks and blends them together seamlessly (that’s the goal, not the current state. :p). Our chinchilla Jack Jack is doing well, and definitely getting more used to us. Trying to watch less TV and read more. Getting as many errands done as possible, after 2pm when I wake up that is. That’s about as abreviated a life update as I can give. :p

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