February 6, 2006 – Work Saga Continues

Originally posted on LiveJournal.

I’ve been posting about work entirely too much. It’s not as though it’s all I’m thinking about, just that everything else going on isn’t that interesting. Working on house, collecting rent, going through things, hanging out with people, yeah yeah — and work. That being said; they did throw a 40% pay raise my way. The end amount is the exact amount I expected, so it’s a welcomed change from my initial salary (which was the exact lowest amount I was willing to accept, not that I told them that of course). Either way it’s nice, and might even be enough to not go farther into the red each month. I’m sure there’s more than enough places to save some money though, just need to be more careful. I actually have been keeping track of all expenses in quicken for the last month. Seeing the totals of how much I spend on various categories was one of the most depressing sights ever. :p Doesn’t help that I haven’t been getting rent lately either. Hopefully having more and with more direction on how to handle it will clear up some stress.

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