February 23, 2006 – Back on My Feet

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Formatting and reinstalling windows is a lot more trouble than I remembered. Part of it is just how annoying it is to get windows installed on a raid setup, which seemed to like giving me “invalid partition” errors after the initial install completed. The 2nd issue came when I didn’t notice that the windows drive wasn’t actually my “C” drive. Although things could still work with windows as E, Windows doesn’t like changing partitions of of system or booth drives, so I opted to reinstall rather than spend the night finding out how to change it for that case (for non-boot/non-sytem drives it’s easy). In the end things are setup again, basic programs installed to do web development, and everything works blazingly fast. Oh yeah and I got a 20″ LCD widescreen so I’m doing the dual monitor thing. Code on one, web browser on the other. If I get another one it’d be just for the database. :p Went to the oJug thing tonight. Before you get too excited (as I was) about what “oJug” is i’ll set you straight — Orlando Java Users Group. There was a presentation about Ruby On Rails tonight that had nothing to do with java but was intersting nonetheless. It was a good review, and always nice meeting people passionate about the same interests. More than getting any coding tips from the presentation, I did get some motivation at least. Same reason I browse the same section at B&N over and over again not buying anything (well usually at least). By the way, listening to audio books about financial crimes (in this case The Millionaires) while working on financial software makes it really hard to differentiate the two. I’m sure I looked extremely guilty all day long. I probably sounded a little paniced when I answered my phone to find it was Suntrust calling me too. It’s kind of fun putting yourself in that situation though; where you can’t tell the difference between fiction from reality. Sort of like when you dream of something and don’t realize it’s a dream until later in the day, and until you do you act as though it happend.

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