February 1, 2007 – At the Fusebox & Frameworks Conference

So I’m up in DC at the Frameworks Conference that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Think of it as a geek vacation if you will, but it’s been great meeting up with so many other Coldfusion developers here. Really makes me want to start up a Coldfusion users group in orlando, as there seems to be no live one out there. Luckily for me there’s free wireless internet in the conference area for attendees, but on the downside that means I have to come down here to use it during the night. 😛 It’s been fun though, and I’ve been posting about the talks I’ve been to over at my blog. I’m still hoping that it snows tonight, but it’s looking more and like a possibility. As for an update on the job status, I got offered the Westgate position I interviewed for; and accepted it. I was honestly thinking it’d be a pay cut compared to FCE, but ended up being about a 15% pay increase, better atmosphere and loads of enthusiastic developers. I’m very excited about it, and think it’ll be a great learning experience. Not sure when I’ll be starting just yet, but looks like it’ll be sometime the week after next (or possibly the week after). Depends on how long the drug test and various other paperwork go. Never had to take a drug test, but that shouldn’t be a problem; this is a programming convention after all, not an anime one. :p Anyways back to my room to relax a bit. Been up since 7am on almost no sleep and need to wind down a bit. 🙂

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