Favorite April Fools Jokes of 2007

Have a fun April Fools day? It seems with blogging becoming more mainstream now a days there’s no news that’s safe on that one day of the year. Sorry to disappoint, but the Microsoft/OpenID was of course made up, although Microsoft is planning support for OpenID in their new CardSpace initiative that details are still scarce on. But as far as other April Fools jokes from the year, here were a few of my favorites: As I was one of the ones tracking the hype of Snakes on a Plane, Python On Planes was a great crossover and one of two mediums I enjoy. Gmail Paper launched this past weekend as a service to send you paper copied of your Gmail mail for free. It’s cost was supposedly offset by 36pt helvatica advertisements on the back of every page. Google Tisp offers FREE in-home wireless broadband service . Wii Helm at Thinkgeek offers hands free Wii play. 8bit Tie at Thinkgeek actually looks really really cool. As a daily reader of Astronomy picture of the day , I’m glad to see they have a sense of humor. My favorite joke of the day was the well organized copyright infringement of Dan Cederholm’s Simplebits logo complete with a Flickr pool of them . With Dans logo recently being ripped by LogoMaid , this was a great way of bringing attention to it. If you want to read more, have fun making your way through the other 680 listed pranks. 🙂

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