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Why am I still up? I don’t have any homework pressing me to do so, no projects that are driving me into throwing off my sleep schedule — and yet here I am. Over the past weekend I’ve been reading a ton of random articles, and I suppose that’s what’s keeping me up.

This includes a few chapters from Designing Without Tables Using CSS, SQL Performance Tuning, loads of articles on Sitepoint , WHT dedicated server forum, FB4 stuff, Services_Amazon.php, Movable Type, John Stone Fitness, and more I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Aside from browsing those topics, I can’t say I’ve actually done anything. All that inspiration to program from reading and none of it making its way into code. I have decided to finally develop though. Look for it in a few months. 🙂

I’ve hit a few stumbling blocks so far; but I’m hoping to actually make use of a few new ideas on something not too incredibly complicated. The annoying part is that it’ll need a higher MySQL version than my current host (or most) offer, so I’m developing it locally for now.

At least it’s easier not to have to upload a script every few seconds to test it. Id like to have a dedicated server by the time it’s released (Dec. 9, 2004) so it won’t be a problem.

Why December 9? On that date 7 years ago DDR was released! Or at least I hope so, or I’m out of luck and my database is already inaccurate. I’m seriously thinking about getting that Designing Without Tables using CSS book. They only offer a few chapters for free from it; but it was the best written look into CSS (for what I’d actually be using it for) I’ve seen so far.

Most don’t even identify from of the topics like psuedo class/elements selector or parent-child selectors. I’d never even heard of adjacent or attribute selectors. o.0 Making a major css/xhtml strict site is a goal of mine.

Originally the Coop site was Xhtml transitional, but as they needed things done faster and faster I couldn’t keep up with the learning curve to keep the page looking right with tabless and using only CSS.

Now it’s lacking little things here or there- – even in the template. On a side note, I feel sorry for the new film student who took over the admissions process this year. ;p

Looking back at how bad my code/design was he’s going to have to do massive amounts of work to change it. He has never used PHP before and he’s never taken a programming class so.. uhh.. good luck?

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