December 25, 2006 – Merry Christmas to All!

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I’d like to say I woke up early (it’s 10:13am Christmas morning) but the truth is I’m still awake. Marilyn and I had a very nice Christmas eve/midnight celebration with her Mom and sister over here opening presents and eating extremely good food. Marilyn (with almost no assistance from me ;p) made a rib roast which came out extremely juicy. We all gathered around, watched a movie, played some Monkey Ball and Mario Kart, and opened presents right after midnight. Came out with some nice spoils that are all very useful. Spent the rest of the night working on an OpenID that I eventually got to a working state over at OpenID and MicroID offer so many possibilities for the project I’m wanting to make, which is why I’m learning everything I can about their setup. Yes, I’m geeking out on Christmas morning, but when your sleep schedule is this far off what else can you do. I’m thinking about just staying up another 12 hours (or trying to) and knocking myself back on track that way. Trying that on a work Monday is suicide, but I think today it should work. As for new years, Marilyn and I are taking a road trip up to Ashville, NC from Dec 29 – Jan 3 (friday – wednesday). Probably take in a lot of the Smokies in winter, spend a full day at the Biltmore Estate (which neither of us have ever been to) and lounge around up in the area for fun New Years away. I’ve been up to the smokies area probably 6 or 7 times, but never in winter. We’re hoping for snow of course.

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