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Sean Corfield mentioned it, but I thought I’d mention it at well – there’s no Coldfusion Weekly this week. I hadn’t realized it, but it’s quickly become a must-listen podcast for me, usually on Mondays. A few times I think I’ve grabbed it on Sunday night I believe too. They mentioned in their last episode that they recently began using to manage their links, with tags per episode . You can add these tags (or the entire user) to an RSS reader and instantly you have the initial link list to read over. I tend to find a lot of programming links either through CF Weekly, or Digg, so having the delicious data for as specific a user as a Coldfusion Podcast is helpful. I don’t know if they’re looking for this, but with Delicious you can also recommend links for a specific user. The way you do this is by tagging it with “for:cfweekly” all as one word. Next time that user logs in they’ll see bolded link up top that says “links for you (x)”, with X being the number of new links. This is an extremely useful method for sending links to people that I wish more people would use. My girlfriend and I use this daily to stay in touch. You can feel free to recommend any links for me using “for:dyogenez”, or view the growing collection over at . As far as a single place to get all the latest news about Coldfusion, the Coldfusion Weekly podcast is doing a great job (keep going!), but there are a few other resources that can be used , but getting the entire CF Community to use something is like herding cats (ex: frameworks). The Coldfusion tag on is going surprisingly strong though, and worth a look. OpenID isn’t doing bad lately either. 🙂

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