Besides waking up late, this has been a productive day ^^ I suppose sleeping only 4 hours over the weekend has it’s disadvantages — in this case it was sleeping 14 hours straight through. Usually waking up at 5pm for work is something i don’t have to set an alarm for, but maybe now i’ll need to start doing so. For the last week i’ve been keeping myself occupied at work trying to reaad the japanese intruction manuals from the various items there. It’s a lot more fun then helping people ^^ Aside from that all i’ve been doing is getting this page set up, and playing a little diablo 2, which i soon realized was a bad idea. It’s way too addicting. Before I had even realized it was 5am and I’d watched all of A Clockwork Orange -_-; Ah well, it’s a rest from web stuffs at least ^^ Wednesday i have off and i’m going clothes shopping with Aimee for some new school clothes yay! Should expand my wardrobe from the 10 or pieces i had in my abreviated clothing supply i brought to school. That’s the only bad part about the dorms — the dressers are really small, and i was kinda using the closet as an office if thats what it could be called ^^ It’s 6am so maybe I should get some sleep.. maybe..

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I’ve decided to write more this year. It wasn’t a decision exactly, more of an urge to write. Unlike my previous blog, this writing goal isn’t for business reasons or to grow an audience. This site doesn’t even have Google Analytics on it. The reason? I missed processing my th...Read more at