August 27, 2006 – House & Travel Update

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I am very glad the sale of the St. Pete house went through last Friday. 🙂 It was a completely painless process to be honest. Getting the final paperwork done was done at my desk (and in the office) on Thursday and sending back the paperwork in an already provided priority overnight envelope. Sometime friday during the day I checked my bank and account and the money was already wired to it. Talk about quick. 🙂 Marilyn and I headed back later on on friday to pick up the rest of the books the guy left in the apartment (which was a huge amount actually). No idea what I’ll do with them all just yet; but will definitely fun deciding. Also, in a strange balacing of the universe, I found a camera almost exactly like the one of mine that was destroyed by water a few months ago. I still have the memory card, battery charger and everything else that works with it by chance. Funny how things work out? Also, my blurry pictures form Richmond are up, as well as the white water rafting pictures. Just take a look at that courageous girl going down the rapids without a boat. :p Today is Little Miss Sunshine! Looks hilarious.

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