August 22, 2006 – Still Alive

Originally posted on LiveJournal.

Way way way too much going on. Seems like all my time and more is taken up. Since the last post I moved from St. Pete to the Orlando house. I moved from the apartment to the house here. Got cable and internet installed. Went to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Made a nice special day for Marilyns 23rd birthday. Went to Virginia for a week with Marilyn to see my dad, his new gf Paige, my sister, her bf, my aunt and her two daughters. Went white water rafting and to many museums and fun places. Got a new cat (or maybe it got me). Saw Snakes on a Plane. And have gradually been unpacking the massive amount of stuff here in the house. My goal is to get everything unpacked (or at least to some state where I don’t feel like I’m living out of boxes anymore) by the end of this month; at which time I plan to have, well time again. Tomorrow (well tonight) i’m heading back to St. Pete to grab what they wouldn’t take in the moving truck (no transporting hazardous material) and clearing out the entire apartment. This weekend i’m repainting my walls in the apartment. As far as I know i’ll be able to relax and concentrate on Marilyn, fun web programming projects, my health and just relaxing for a while after that. And probably writing much more in depth posts on what’s going on. :p Lots of pictures on my camera, but for now there’s always Marilyns Flickr pics.

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