August 11, 2008 – Birthday Celebrations

Friday was Marilyn’s birthday, which ended up being a very fun night! 🙂 Picnics were packaged, cake was eaten and ducks were fed. Rather than the birthday cake route, we have a small sampling of Dessert Lady cakes to finish off in the upcoming days as well as lots else. One cool idea I saw online was to take a round bread loaf, slice off the top, clear out the middle, then stuff it with salami, mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and some seasoning. Nice cool sandwich idea. Marilyn enjoyed it, so that’s what counts!

Sunday I decided to take an Arcade tour of Orlando to update a few arcades for The tour took me by Boardwalk Bowl, UCF, Oviedo Mall and Rockys Replay. Most places were surprisingly similar, but a few annoying factors stood out. Boardwalk got rid of their Technomotion machine (it was the only one in Orlando!) and their Wyvern Wing machine is somewhat messed up. Wackadoos at UCF got rid of their Virtual On AND Supper Puzzle Fighter (seriously, wtf?), and the Supernova machine at Rockys wasn’t on. A few good points though — Zero Gunner 2 and Initial D 4 at Rockys and Supernova 2 as Nascar Cafe in Universal. Looking forward to getting some arcade owners/managers/distributors involved with ArcadeFly in the coming weeks — or at least trying to. Why would a company pass up a way to advertise their business for free? If you haven’t checked it out and signed up, what are you waiting for, go give it a try! 🙂

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