Added a few more features this past week that start making things more useful. Added friending, but still need to add messaging. Best thing though was I moved the search for arcades box to where ever arcades are displayed, and cache their current address in a cookie (separate from the address they have on file associated with their account). This allows things like external links for arcades in Orlando, or arcades with SuperNOVA near Tampa. The database is really only using Florida at this point though. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get people to add locations? It’s not in the forefront like signing up/searching at this point, but there’s that whole chicken/egg problem for adoption. I think after user messaging is in, pretty much all the core features I wanted in an initial launch will be finished! Stage 2 will be more social aspects for arcades/games/users. Adding a mini-forum to each of these, and the ability to review/rate games and arcades.

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