April 26, 2008 – Job Interview Update

Felt like the interview went pretty bad. Was answering simple stuff I knew with bad explanations, and leaving stuff out. It was a rather short interview too, probably 30 minutes or so, no coding, diagramming or that kind of thing. Just explanations of concepts and drilling me for goals/general interest in topics and how well I’d fit in with their environment (that was probably half the interview actually). Seems like a lot of the people there are pretty active outside of work in usergroups and programming too, which is always a plus. They’re thinking about starting a Python usergroup there which probably the first major thing I’d be learning there that I haven’t used before. They also do a lot of team activities like flag football, going out together downtown and random weekend getaways. The place has a startup/VC funding atmosphere which I haven’t yet had a chance to experience too. They got back to me saying I’d be a good fit and were going to make an offer, but they’re still figuring out how much. The guy that interviewed me is on vacation (he came in on a day off to interview me I think actually) so I’ll probably hear back next week and see. Either way, it’s looking interesting, and I’m excited. 🙂

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