April 22, 2006 – Delirium Cirque

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If you ever get a chance to see Delirium, see it! Marilyn and I headed down to see another very impressive, albiet very different kind of cirque show. It was entirely different than La Nouba, in it’s tone and pacing, but the basic building blocks were the same. The performance was at the TD Waterhouse Center downtown where they cut the seating in half — meaning no seating at both ends. The stage was very long, but thin enough to see across from our floor seats (^_~). For most the show, there was a semi-translaucent curtain that covered the entire visible screen that was used to color and highlight parts of the show — very innovative. The colors and music were amazing as to be expected from a Cirque show. The physical performances didn’t impress much though to be honest. Part of it is just the limiting factors they had on that small a stage. The performances I remember included hulla hoops, a guy balancing on a pole, some interesting gymnastics involving 4 guys, and two or three others. The story did have a subtle theme like La Nouba, but most the performances were actually musical rather than physical. Still great to see, and want to see more. 🙂

Finally spent a few minutes and re-setup my ‘professional’ blog for work/techy/programming stuff. bit the dust when my last host died, and rather than restore I decided to give Typo a try. Amazing stuff, really. The community isn’t as large as WordPress, but it’s already making huge leaps and has some amazing templates. Has, flickr, tadalist, technorati, 43things/places and support built in — which pretty much just means more to mess around with. So anyways, it’s up at To keep things easy, you can also just add me and stay completely up to date if you so choose.

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