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These comprehensive recap posts seem to be the new norm. Fun fun weekend here in Orlando. Friday night Pixie, Mike, the cute Marilyn and I went to see Thank you for Smoking. Amazing movie, one of the best comedies I’ve seen in years easy. Witty dialog all the way through without a dull moment. To continue the comedy kick, we watched Jesus is Magic later on to the occasional laugh of horror. The rest of the weekend had it’s share of lovey-dovey moments — reading out at Blanchard park after grabbing gelatis, drinking at Ibar for one of her friend’s birthdays, and lounging around all day today with a generous helping of Dim Sum takeout from Ming Court. This coming Wednesday is Cirque Du Soleil: Delirium too. Can’t wait! Won a pair of circus tickets at work (general circus) for the weekend after. A few weeks later Imogen Heap is playing here in Orlando. Sadly I missed Of Montreal early this year, but luckily Marilyn caught this one.

Doing fun stuff at work lately too. I’ve gotten a chance to basically immerse myself in prototype.js, a very cool javascript library. I’m messing around with it at home (as it’s part of Ruby on Rails core js), so slowly getting them down. Got a chance to write my own lightbox, and do some cool stuff with Script.aculo.us. User interface stuff is one thing I really love doing. In between walks in the park, good movies and food, I’ve been messing around with some interface design that’s similar to Remember the Milk. Rails has some really cool new features for ajax stuff, that allow you to write javascript code in a ruby way that gets executed very easily. Still just learning, but a lot of potential.

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