April 13, 2007 – No Posts for a Month

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Seems like the last month has been a busy one. New job is a lot of fun so far. Lots of enthusiastic people there who all love learning and doing new things. I think 6 people on the web team have blogs, pretty much all talking about programming in some form. 3 people have corporations they’ve started for website products they’ve launched (or are launching) as well which is pretty cool. Not bad for a team of 9 guys under 30. There’s some people that are pro-Ruby/Rails, some that are hardcore java, some that mac fans, some that are anti-mac, even linux — all sides of the coin. Makes time between tasks and projects usually spent geeking about things on Digg, latest w3 news or random other frameworks/new sites launched. Lot of fun. The work isn’t the most interesting side of course, but that’s working for a timeshare company for you. It’s well structured though, so usually I’m not on something long enough to get bored. Marilyn and I have seen quite a few movies in the last month. We were lucky enough to see Paprika over at Winter Park theater as part of the Florida Film Festival, Gindhouse and The Last Mimzy — which was surprisingly good. I’d recommend seeing Grindhouse while you can now though, before they split it up into two smaller movies. The 3 hour show really flies by, and with an intermission (where they show previews for made up movies) there’s a nice break in the middle. One of the most original films in a while; or as original as it can be just for something that’s bringing the Troma style of movies to the front. We also ended up seeing Of Montreal when they played downtown, which was one of Marilyns Valentines day gifts, and a very fun and different show. 🙂 Side projects haven’t been going too well lately for me. I have a lot of web projects I really want to work on, but can never seem to dedicate the time needed for them. Lots of interesting stuff though, including a redesign, work on a validation framework, OpenID projects and eventually bringing them all together with some new ColdFusion features. Hopefully the project will done by the middle of this year – that’s the goal at least. It’s just a fun small project anyways, nothing earth-shattering. Still need to workout hosting for it, which I’m considering building a server and colo-ing just because the cost is on par with decent ColdFusion hosting. Russ and I started going to the gyms in the morning daily this week for cardio, plus weights 3 times a week in the afternoon. So far it seems to be panning out. So much more incentive to go when someone else is. Think if we can keep it up for 4 weeks we should be in enough of a pattern to stick with it. Somehow I got of the workout pattern last year, and it really started to kill my energy level. It’s probably no surprise I haven’t been working on side projects though — balancing physical and mental tasks never seems to work, one always gets the forefront which lately has been physical. Going to try to balance these out more in the next month to get on something more sustainable.

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