9 Rules Accepting Submissions Today Only

If you’ve ever noticed that little leaf on my sidebar, you’re probably familiar with 9 Rules . 9 Rules is a community of bloggers focused on, you guessed it, 9 Rules. These are available in their about page , but the focus is to Love what you do and Never stop learning . If you’re even reading this blog you’ll probably qualify for both of these. If you have a blog, why not submit it to 9 Rules this round? I’m amazed at some of the new blogs that have been accepted this round already including Zen Habits , Unclutterer and Smashing Magazine — 3 blogs I already follow. Don’t think you need 100,000 RSS subscribers or even 100 to join though — they accept based on content and dedication. I’m looking forward to seeing if I stay in in what looks like a very fast growing and dedicated blogosphere.

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