Technical Podcast Recommendations?

Published May 26, 2011 on adamfortuna

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Lately I've been searching for and trying to listen to more technical podcasts. It's a great time for podcasts right now, with more high quality technical podcasts available than ever before. I'm always looking for more recommendations, but here are a few that I've been listening to lately.

General Programming

Ruby 5 - Quick look at what's going on in the Ruby world. The Ruby Show - Longer look at the Ruby world with some good humor thrown in. Stack Exchange Podcast - As a long time read of both Joel and Jeff's blogs, I'm very happy to see this podcast come back after a long hiatus. This Developers Life - A look at developer stories told in a similar way to This American Life. The Changelog - Focuses on the new projects and tools, usually by interviewing the authors. Hanselminutes - Very long running podcast with a Microsoft tilt, but covering a wide range of development.

Non-Programming, but Science, Math, Technology related

Back to Work - After reading Merlin Mann's blog for years, and hearing him speak at IzeaFest, it's great to hear him talk. The Talk Show - By the respected Apple writer John Gruber. Freakonomics Radio - A new look at old statistics. Radiolab - Entertaining science focused stories. Huge archive, but worth going back and listening to every one.

Already Popular

Dinner Party Download - Fast and funny "booster shot" of news and culture. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - Hilarious take on the weeks news. This American Life - Storytelling at it's best on the radio. The Moth Podcast - Live stories told on stage. Usually they are hilarious, and no two are the same. NPR: Planet Money - All the financial news you really need, usually told through stories and people.

Recommendations Welcome

There are only so many podcasts that I can listen to in a day before jumping back to music, but this mix of different categories has kept me entertained for a while now. Are there any podcasts that you love and listen to as soon as you can?