Orlando Events for this Week

Published September 7, 2008 on adamfortuna

    If you're in Orlando this week there's a lot of cool stuff going on. Monday is our monthly Adogo meeting with a very interesting talk on Ajax by Brian LeGros . He'll be going over some Ajax basics and move onto some "push” Ajax, a topic that's extremely useful but rarely covered. A majority of ajax sites use polling to know when to retrieve data from the server, but with a push service, such as BlazeDS, you can cut out the polling altogether. It's something I've been wanting to learn about for a while, so I'm looking forward to his talk. If you're curious about the code, it's available in the Adogo SVN repo , and a recording of the presentation will be available online shortly after. Thursday is the monthly Orlando Ruby Users Group meeting, which this month will be taking a break from Ruby in favor of Seaside , a Smalltalk framework. There's a famous quote (by DHH I believe) referencing Seaside: "I defy anyone to come up here and use any other framework to duplicate what we're doing in Rails as quickly. Except Avi.” — Avi being the creator of Seaside. Although I haven't messed with Seaside this looks like it'll be an interesting talk. Don't know if I'll make it though, due to the BIG EVENT for the week. Thursday night through Saturday night is IzeaFest , which is looking better and better. Aside from a fast growing list of attendees, there's some exciting speakers including Merlin Mann from 43 Folders , Jeremy Shoemaker from ShoeMoney , John Chow a lots more . The scavenger hunt on Saturday night should make for some fun stories after the fact as well.