OpenID Project on RiaForge

Published January 18, 2007 on adamfortuna

    Looks like OpenID is getting a little more attention in the Coldfusion community! There's been a few questions about it on the CF Talk mailing list, the OpenID actionpack for Model Glue and now a RiaForge project! Dmitry Yakhnov has started an OpenID project on Riaforge containing a full OpenID consumer and an example. It's a lot easier to read over to get an understanding of how OpenID works than my actionpack, as the files are more easily traceable without the disguise of a framework. It helped hammer out how to do the verification call to the server, which I had previously misread as a GET request when it should be a POST. Just based on how tiny the amount of code required to add an OpenID consumer is, I think there is a lot of room for adoption in the Coldfusion community. I'd like to get a full library of OpenID services down sometime- - the consumer, the server, options for managing your identities, email verification; the whole 9 yards. It's be more of an entire website at that point though, rather than a pluggable library. That's the beauty of the consumer side of things, it's lightweight and easy to add in to any application. If you've put off learning about OpenID, and want a place to start, Simon Willison's screencast on How to use OpenID is great getting started point.