One More New Member of 9Rules

Published December 30, 2006 on adamfortuna

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About a year ago I was infatuated with Ruby on Rails, the Prototype Javascript library and just about any other cool css/js hot topics. I was reading everything I could get my hands on that was in the beginner to intermediate range. There was only one Rails book out at that time, Agile Development with Rails, and almost no Prototype support (well, there's still not too much for Prototype unfortunately). The biggest help at that time were blogs like Encytemedia, ParticleTree , nano RAILS and Ordered List . Up until around this time, I hadn't started reading blogs outside of my friends list at Livejournal, but Google Reader changed that! So throughout all these great sites I noticed the trend of 9Rules affiliation, and although I didn't dig into what it was at the time, it stuck with me. That was until one of these guys mentioned that 9Rules was allowing new submissions back in October. Now, throughout all the time when I was digging into the Rails community, I never saw much notice of Coldfusion. The 9 rules community, as well as a lot of the programming community just doesn't see the many many Coldfusion bloggers that are out there. Doing a search on 9 Rules for Coldfusion, the only post that came up was one title Is Coldfusion Dead? (Note: I swear that's what the title was; even it's changed now, but I could be wrong). I chimed in of course, but one other comment stuck with me.

You guys are in your own little world of open-source/9rules love.

And it's true! Not to put down anyone in the 9rules/open source/rails community, but as a note of just how far from the popular culture the Coldfusion blogosphere is. There are a LOT of coldfusion bloggers, just check out the Macromedia Weblogs List. If i had to give a turning point of when I went from being a regular Coldfusion programmer, to a more advanced one I'd say the interest started right there. I started reading all the Coldfusion feeds I could find, started removing Rails feeds from Google Reader and yes, starting this blog. So with that said, I was happy to see my name on the last list of 9Rules entries for the year! Hopefully I can bring a little more exposure to Coldfusion and Flex to the rest of the programming world without getting too deep into the Coldfusion world where things stop making since to outsiders. It's also very humbling to be a very small group of programming blogs on 9Rules which I held in such high regard.