BarCampOrlando After Party

Published April 6, 2008 on adamfortuna

    Izea put on a great (open bar) after party dubbed Geek Out '08 that bogged down their office with wet geeks. I was completely soaked from the knees down, but enjoyed geeking out in both games and tech talk. They had 2 entire rooms devoted to Rock Band, and others for Wii Sports, Smash Brothers Brawl and Halo 3. No doubt about it though — Rock Band with drunk people is a great ice breaker. Cameras were going non-stop throughout the party, so the Flickr tag should be filling up soon. They also had live video feeds going out to Stickam of a few rooms. Anyone interested could see me awkwardly singing Maps (and laughing at people who did Roxanne). Great party guys!