2010 Year in Review

Published January 1, 2011 on adamfortuna

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  • Personal

My yearly recap of what's happened in my life over the last year.


  • Twitters first Developer Conference in San Francisco, Chirp and got to see family in the area
  • My first cruise- - a 7 day Royal Caribbean cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, The Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel with Marilyn
  • Went horseback riding on a somewhat wild horse named Alarma in Cozumel
  • Climbed a waterfall in Jamaica.
  • Scalloping at Homosassa Springs
  • Crab Feast in St. Petersburg!
  • Stayed at the Don Cesar in St. Petersburg for Nate and Bekah's Wedding
  • Went to Miami Beach for Nate's bachelor party and stayed at the iconic Eden Roc
  • Westin Channelside and Hard Rock Casino for IZEA's retreat


  • Started a 4'x9' vegetable garden
  • Began composting
  • Bought a wheelbarrow
  • Had our first yard sale at this house
  • Cleaned out the garage to where we can actually use it
  • Dropped cable TV in favor of using Plex, Netflix and Hulu
  • Digitized most my DVDs and media. Still a few to go, but the bulk of the work is over
  • Slowly increasing savings and investments on Vanguard and following investment advice from John Bogle
  • Had a major disagreement with GE over them charging me $400 for something they broke. Complained on Twitter and they resolved it before my check was even cashed.
  • Developed an appreciation for beer
  • Went on an indoor plant buying frenzy resulting in many casualties. Only the strong survive.
  • Played on my works kickball team with Marilyn

Events and Entertainment

  • Flaming Lips and Imogen Heap concerts at Hard Rock Orlando
  • Got Disney passes and went to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival way too many times
  • Saw Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm at The Social
  • Saw Rick Springfield and Boyz 2 Men at Epcot (but we missed Hanson)
  • Largest holiday party so far over at our place
  • Tron Legacy Midnight release with Marilyn and friends
  • Lots of movies. My favorites that came out this year were Inception, Exit Through the Gift Shop and The Social Network
  • Favorite TV shows discovered were Breaking Bad, House, Jericho and The Colony
  • Played through Mass Effect twice and Mass Effect 2 almost twice and loved them both
  • Thanksgiving at Marilyn's Moms, with firetruck and family
  • Went to Plazaween in costume with Marilyn and friends

Programming and Technology

  • Launched Cost Per Click for SponsoredTweets
  • Helped get SocialSpark V2 launched and did a tiny bit of work on WeReward
  • Started organizing hack days and lunch-and-learns at work, we even had a chance for a hack week!
  • Completely dropped organized hosting on Dreamhost in favor of S3, Posterous and Github.
  • Launched MovieFly , then a few months later Miso launched
  • Changed AdamFortuna.com into a splash page instead of a blog
  • Started a mobile blog for pictures taken from my phone
  • Moved ArcadeFly over to Heroku
  • Bought an iPad, a new shuffle running and upgraded to a iPhone4
  • Started learning iOS development
  • Started working on a new site in Rails 3 that should launch next year
  • Messed around with some new technology over the year including node.js, redis, websockets, css3, html and mongo db
  • Upgraded to Road Runner Lightning, and slowly backing everything I have up to BackBlaze

As for new years resolutions? Probably increase savings a bit more, eat a little healthier and spend less time on the couch. Like to eat out less and get better at creating the things I love to eat and drink from scratch including salad dressing, sauces and brewing beer- - and maybe later on wine. If there's one thing I want to do in 2011 though, it'd be launch the site I'm working on in my spare time, and do it right.