Orlando Dinner Party Project

Food, Cocktails and Appliances

Written July 8, 2015 in Food

I would never have guessed that an appliance store on a sketchy side of town would be the meeting place for a popup dinner featuring elegant place settings, well crafted food and tasty cocktails. After pulling into the parking lot, we did a double take — not sure if we were in the right place.

Aggressive Appliances

The moment you walk into Aggressive Appliances, you’re presented with an impressive showcase of kitchens much more impressive than your own. To our surprise we learned they also do a weekly lunch — Thursday at 12pm — where a guest chef will make lunch for guests browsing their wares.

The Dinner Party Project is a relatively new creation designed to bring people together for conversation, food and fun. Imagine if a friend of yours was having a dinner party, with the goal of hosting both the food and steering the discussion — that’s dinner party project. Upon arrival, we spent some time chatting and getting to know the other guests, which we learned was limited to 12 gathered around the square table. Marilyn and I spotted Droolius, and some other familiar faces from the food blogging community there that night. Evenings also have a theme, which for our night was food blogging and Orlando food more specifically.

After some cocktails to lubricate the conversation, we got started. The host for the night would start a conversation by picking out a topic — generally a question — which we would go around the table each getting a chance to answer. This was a great way of keeping the conversation flowing and making sure everyone felt involved and listened to - not to mention a good way of connecting to strangers on a much deeper level than you might otherwise.


We were treated to a 3 course meal with 2 additional hor d’ouevres prepared feet away. The meal started with tiny “Shrimp & Grit” cakes, which ended up being my favorite food of the night.

The cool cucumber Gazpacho was delicious, although I could’ve eaten much more of it. The chicken was delicious, and served with a well poached 63’ egg that coated the rest of the plate.

For our evening, an ambassador from Old Forrester was on hand to mix up some great drinks. Over the course of the night, 4 amazing drinks were shared, growing in strength before the dessert drink. Finishing with a lavender/coffee drink with whipped cream was a great end to the night.

If you have not already, you can sign up dinner party project! It’s a waiting game for them to get in touch with you, but it’s well worth the relatively cheap price tag if you want a great experience.