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Written on June 28, 2005 in Personal, Books, Short.
Adam Fortuna

Hey hey! I'm a developer who lives in Orlando, FL. Right now I work at Code School, listen to a lot of audiobooks, set way too many goals, write at and tweet often.

The Pragmatic Programmer is turning out to be better than I expected. It pushes a lot of concepts I hadn’t thought about, and reinforces a lot of the important ones I don’t follow. It gives the highest emphasis to continual learning and constant self evaluation. I’m looking forward to reading more, if i can stay awake long enough. This past week I’ve been crashing earlier and earlier- - sometimes as soon as I get home. Metro threw me back on track though! I recently stumbled onto a few really cool tools i’ve started using everyday. The first of which is , a really cool site for finding hot new links, and sharing the links you find. Best part is I can bookmark things here and they’ll show up in my bookmarks at work. Great way to transfer links without emailing everything back and forth.

2nd cool find is Bloglines , a service for storing and reading feeds. The cool thing is that you can organize them, and glance over what you need. Think of it as Google news for blogs. Great place to access every tech blog i’m interested in at once.