Engineering System software fun?

Written on September 25, 2003 in Personal, School, Short.
Adam Fortuna

Hey hey! I'm a developer who lives in Orlando, FL. Right now I work at Code School, listen to a lot of audiobooks, set way too many goals, write at and tweet often.

Who would have thought it? Apparently my teacher for this one is teaching it for the first time and has never taken the class. He is somehow getting by teaching us random things about Unix. What he does go into isn’t in the book at ALL, but is very useful stuff, although on a completely different subject. Here are some notable quotes from today when he tried to go over a midterm from last semester:

I’m wrong 10% of the time, so the highest grade you can hope for is a C.

I don’t have to pass this class; just teach it.

The point isn’t to be right, it’s to all be wrong together.

You’re allowed to use your book and notes on the midterm, and I give a lot of the same questions. So the best way to study is to take good notes – then hand them in.

What do you mean it’s wrong?