Blogging as a Habit

Written on August 30, 2008 in Personal, Short.
Adam Fortuna

Hey hey! I'm a developer who lives in Orlando, FL. Right now I work at Code School, listen to a lot of audiobooks, set way too many goals, write at and tweet often.

Breaking habits is a slippery slope. You work for months, or years, to build up certain behaviors that your body and mind get used to, but it only takes a few weeks to break them. Maybe you’re changing jobs or going through some major life issues, but once routines are stirred up it’s a lot more difficult to get them rolling again. Me, along with most of my former Westgaters, all seem to have gotten off the blogging train these past few months. So what can be done to get back on track? It’s as simple as taking one step. Then another. Often starting back up in a routine seems a bit daunting, but if you just take the step things start to build momentum. Reading little pushes like that, or the occasional Zen Habits post might be sound nice, but it still requires you making the effort and doing that single step. I’m going to try to get back into the blogging habit a little more myself, as there is no shortage of new material to blog about lately with a new side project , a new job in a new language/framework in a new part of town.