Blasting Off With Bootstrap

My latest course at Code School

Written on January 20, 2015 in Technical.
Adam Fortuna

Hey hey! I'm a developer who lives in Orlando, FL. Right now I work at Code School, listen to a lot of audiobooks, set way too many goals, write at and tweet often.

After a few months of hard (but fun) work, we launched my latest Code School course – Blasting Off with Bootstrap! If you’re not familiar with Bootstrap, it’s a super simple to get started with and allows you to skip past many of the initial steps and concentrate on creating something.

On Camera

Blasting Off With Bootstrap

This is the first course that I’ve been on camera for, which was a terrifying experience. I’m extremely happy with how the course turned out. Much of what I taught in the course was learned building this blog in Bootstrap. If you’re interested, you can play the first level for free and get a feel for the content.

If you’re looking for more ways Bootstrap can help, check out my latest blog post on the Code School blog 5 Ways to Blast Off Your Site With Bootstrap.