Adam Fortuna


Hey hey! I'm a developer who lives in Orlando, FL. Right now I work at Code School, listen to a lot of audiobooks, set way too many goals, write at and tweet often.

This site is a collection of whatever I'm interested in -- from technical articles to personal posts to travel photos. Also a good place to experiment with new technologies!

Let's just get these out of the way.

Common Questions

What do you do?

I help empower people to transform their ideas into reality by enlivening code education.

More specifically, I work at Code School, but also love to share knowledge whenever I can.

Are you looking for work?

Code School

Nope, I'm happily employed as the Course Director at Code School for the last 4 years innovating on code education. I'm constantly learning new things and looking for new and interesting ways to teach.

Who made that awesome mustached avatar?

Adam Fortuna

It was made by Drew Barontini, a coworker of mine at Code School. He made awesome mustached versions of everyone in the office for the Envy homepage back in the day. Even though I don't have a mustache, I love the icon.

What was this site made in?

It's all made with Middleman right now. On the front-end side, I'm using the Foundation Framework for some things, and a healthy dose of custom Sass for the rest. Everything is hosted on Amazon S3, using Middleman S3 Sync to deploy everything. If you're curious about more, check out How I create photo albums.

How can I get in touch?

If you'd like to get in touch, email me and I'll get back to you.

Focuses (Foci?)

Here's a few areas of my life are my major focuses.


I like to document and organize my Goals – somewhat obsessively. I've been doing these on my own in Evernote for a while and decided to finally share them.


Ten years ago I wouldn't have guessed it, but I love Orlando. I came here for college (UCF, 2000-2005) and hung around for some jobs, but now I love it.


Spending all day on a computer, and using the same one for personal use and professional use, makes tools (software) essential. There's a few tools I use that stand out as the most important. Namely a Mac, an iPhone, Atom, Evernote, 1Password, a Fuji XT-1, Lightroom, Things, Slack and Fantastical.


I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I've written about my Audiobook Habit, but I also actively maintain a books page which shows what I'm currently reading and what I've most recently read.

Code School

Since April 2011, I've been happily working at Code School working on educational content in the coding world. It's been the job of a lifetime so far with new ideas always on the horizon.

In 2014 I finally bought a "good" camera and taking lots of photos. These include anything from trips to japan to parties in Orlando.

More Randomness

Even though I haven't written articles about these topics, they're very important too. :)

  • Have a cute girlfriend and dog
  • Loves trying new restaurants and food trucks
  • Mac obsessed geek
  • Casual console and arcade gamer
  • Sci-fi, fantasy and anime and general movie fan
  • Big Sci-fi book reader
  • CrossFit member